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Berg Outdoor was born in Portugal in 2002 with the mission of inspiring and motivating people to explore the world so that each day can be an “adventure”.

Berg Outdoor aims to combine functionality, versatility and contemporary design by being an active, confident, curious, exploring, authentic and conscious brand, so that everyone who seeks to live every day in a complete way be prepared for all the adventures.

A “brave spirit” of innovation
Berg Outdoor privileges sport and outdoor life and it is through this way of being that it marks its difference: its products are practical, innovative and attractive, designed from scratch in Portugal by an innovative team that never loses sight of the balance between the best performance and a competitive price. “The great acceptance that the brand had in Portugal over the years and the strong interest shown by other international retailers in making the Berg products available in their stores led to the beginning of the internationalization of the brand in 2012 through the wholesale business model, says Diana Pinto, Marketing Director at Berg.

In addition to product innovation, which supports Berg’s international expansion, the brand benefits from the collaboration of world-class ambassadors and athletes such as the ultramarathonist Carlos Sá, winner of Badwater, one of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world.

“Motivating people to explore the world around them and feel that every day deserves to be an adventure, whether at the highest peaks or in the city where they have always lived” is one of Berg’s great mottos. It is this adventurous spirit that inspires the Portuguese brand to innovate every day, discovering new uses for products already on the market and creating products that meet the needs of its customers: products that combine exceptional comfort with a contemporary design, versatility to an intelligent performance, for the best possible value; products designed to be used every day in any situation, without the need to choose between comfort and style, because our customers deserve the best of both worlds.1

Excellence and sustainability in harmony
According to Diana Pinto, the excellence of Berg’s products is largely due to its origin of manufacture: “By bringing the production of all our textile to Portugal, we were able to combine agility and flexibility, using raw materials of natural origin or ecologically sustainable. Recycled cork or recycled wool polyester are examples of Portuguese raw materials that we value, applying them in the development of our products and with which we contribute to the reduction of our ecological footprint, “she says.

As a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), Berg actively contributes to the conservation of wilderness and ecosystems so that future generations can continue to enjoy the incomparable beauty of the planet Earth, so there is a perfect harmony between the excellence of each product and respect for the sustainability of our planet.

From this constant concern that Berg has with sustainability also came the partnership with the Fibrenamics Green Platform. Fibrenamics Green and Berg have already started collaborative work, having developed an activity of creativity and design at the end of the year. “We are immensely proud to have started this collaborative network, in partnership with one of the leading universities in the field of textiles, particularly in technical textiles. We believe that this collaboration will take us even further in accelerating innovation in an area that is crucial to our brand, from the standpoint of positioning (national and international), and from the point of view of product development. It is also our belief that Fibrenamics will challenge us along the way together, contributing positively to the contact and incorporation of new sustainable raw materials,” says Diana Pinto.

[1] in https://www.bergoutdoor.com/pt/berg-outdoor.html

Date: January/2018
Interviewed: Diana Pinto, Marketing Director - Berg


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