Cips - Irmãos Pinto da Silva Carpentry


Cips - Irmãos Pinto da Silva Carpentry

Cips - Irmãos Pinto da Silva Carpentry

March 30thn1979 is remembered as the day on which Fontão, Ponte do Lima County, district of Viana do Castelo was born, Irmãos Pinto da Silva Carpentry, Lda. Manuel Pinto da Silva and Silvério Pinto da Silva gathered 1000 “contos” (2000 € in the current currency) and started their activity in a space of 100 m2, producing and selling wooden articles and derivatives. Despite an initially fragile economic and financial situation, typical of those who start an industrial activity, on April 29th 1981, they moved to another facilities in which they currently are with a clear objective: to grow.

Since then, for 35 years, the evolution has been continuous, and currently the company has about 40 employees who, in a usable space of 4500m2, produce the equivalent of a turnover of more than € 3,000,000 per year.

Focus on excellence

Growing in a sustainable way over the years was a challenge that CIPS was able to overcome, so much so that the second generation of the Pinto da Silva family is already an integral part of the company, and assumes the mission of keeping the company at the top. This is the case of Nelson Silva.

The CIPS product manager explains that the company's position is "to distinguish itself by the service of excellence". Meeting the highest standards in the market is the daily objective, and the recipe for being at the forefront of companies operating in this sector is theoretically simple: combining a solid organizational structure with uniform growth, both economically and socially.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is not enough to say that you have quality, you have to prove it, every day, all the time, in all the actions. CIPS is not unaware of this reality, which is why it invests in the careful selection of raw materials it works with, invests in qualification, and uses the most advanced production technology that exists. In addition, the company has a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, and these two allied factors have already earned it the status of "SME Excellence".

So, is CIPS more than a carpentry? Yes. In the words of Nelson Silva, the company presents itself as “a manufacturer of technical doors for different types of buildings, from hotels, hospitals, schools, through commerce and housing”, since it has “high flexibility and technological skill for the execution of special and innovative projects ”.

This skill is known and recognized in the market, and CIPS 'portfolio of reference projects includes the requalification of Banco de Portugal's Headquarters, the Champalimaud Foundation's facilities, the Northern Maternal and Child Center and several schools at “Parque Escolar”, in addition to be the choice of a wide range of hotels and residential buildings for the provision of services in its area of operation.

Innovate in a 'traditional' sector As challenging projects were carried out, CIPS and its employees developed abilities and acquired skills that also broadened the company's business vision, in order to know how to successfully position itself in the market. And today, the market asks for one thing: innovation. If, on the one hand, there is a need to maintain aesthetic characteristics, on the other hand, it is imperative to guarantee fire protection performances within the legally imposed requirements, as well as to improve the level of acoustic attenuation, an increasingly imperious requirement , especially in hotel developments. These requirements prompted CIPS to want to continue to innovate and improve its responsiveness as a manufacturer. And that was how the partnership with Fibrenamics was born. “It is extremely important that companies are able to develop skills that allow them to appear in international markets with innovative solutions, in terms of product and service, as a result of carrying out research and technological development activities that create new knowledge, allowing for continuous evolution in the value chain ”, says CIPS product manager. In fact, CIPS engages in the expansion in international markets, aware that there is a long way to go, relying on experience combined with the ability to create new solutions, based on the partnership with Fibrenamics, to continue to assert itself in the sector in the global

Date: February/2016
Interviewed: Nelson Silva, Product Manager - CIPS


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