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Marques Brita

Marques Brita

Fibrenamics is working with one of the largest economic groups in the region, the Marques group, on a project whose objective is to recover wood waste that is used in carpentry.

How did the idea to create this joint project with Fibrenamics come about?

With the start of the timber business in Marques Britas, SA, a Marques Group company, it substantially changed its corporate culture, namely in the two strategic pillars, innovation and export. Undoubtedly, the knowledge that universities detect and, even more notoriously, the enormous desire to expand that knowledge are the ingredients that are made available to companies, in this specific case in the industry, that use or develop innovative products. At Marques Britas, SA, you also use this innovation to use endogenous products from the Autonomous Region of the Azores, using a wood of Cryptomeria from the Azores. As is well known, the timber business produces an enormous amount of waste, being synonymous with despair. The idea arose, like many others, in the need to solve a problem, in this specific case to remove wood residues, which on the one hand entails high costs and on the other hand is an enhancer of environmental problems. It was for this reason, and because we believe there is an opportunity in the wood panel segment, that we contacted Fibrenamics, with the aim of developing a wood panel on the crypto wood base, which has not yet existed in the market.

The objective of this project is to carry out research and development activities, which allow obtaining the necessary knowledge for the development of thermoplastic composite boards reinforced with wood residues. What is the role of Marques Britas in the development of this project?

Marques Britas, SA assumes the responsibility of the project, however, the association with Fibrenamics is of the utmost importance, since it has the resources and knowledge for the research and development phase of a project of this type, which would, otherwise, it would be more difficult or even impossible to accomplish.

What results are expected?

Solve the problem of wood waste, and still create a product with high added value, is undoubtedly the corollary of any project. In addition, we are confident, knowledgeable of the unique qualities of cryptomeria wood combined with the advanced production technology of thermoplastic composite boards, that it will be possible to create and develop a high quality product.

What added value can this project bring to Marques Britas? What is the importance of this partnership with the Fibrenamics Platform and what added value has this union of efforts brought to the company and to the Archipelago?

In fact, the approximation of knowledge centers to the business fabric creates synergies that enhance the development of innovative products, new technological and management processes, which contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies and, therefore, of the region where they operate, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. The Fibrenamics Platform proved to be an asset for Marques Britas, SA and for the Region itself, interacting with the various Stakeholders, from companies, universities and various public institutions, always showing an attitude of openness and impressing a remarkable dynamic.

With this project we hope to diversify and qualitatively improve the products produced, betting heavily on exports, but with the guarantee of being at the forefront in terms of technology and quality of the products produced, compared to our existing competitors on a global scale.

Let me also highlight the role of the Government of the Azores, which has provided support in the area of R&D, as well as in the creation of science and technology parks, where companies and knowledge platforms set up and create synergies, becoming a dynamic pole in development and innovation, available to companies and organizations in the same territory.




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