Penteadora was born in 1930 at the hands of Father Alfredo Marques Santos, who had the desire to improve the social and economic conditions of the small village of Unhais da Serra. Initially designed to wash and comb the wool provided by the countless flocks of sheep that grazed in that region, today it is recognized as one of the main Portuguese companies in the wool sector and one of the best European companies in the production of combed and carded fabrics.

1. Founded in 1930, it has a rich history and a huge social impact. What has been the secret to this longevity and leadership in the wool sector?

It is not a secret, but a way of being.

Our principles are based on three pillars that have always been the reference of Penteadora: Quality of Service, Product Quality and Delivery Time, at a fair price.

Whoever works with us knows that there will be no surprises in relation to these three factors and will also find the respect that each client deserves, the necessary confidentiality and all the availability to find the best solution.


2. Back in 2000, you have also started to produce carded yarns and fabrics. What lead you to make that decision?

Penteadora had a carded yarn unit, which for historical reasons was not explored and managed by itself. With the integration of the company in the Paulo de Oliveira Group, it was determined by the shareholders that the carding section should be re-activated, but with different product concepts than those previously existing. This was done and today the carding area has a significant weight in Penteadora's turnover and has recently served as a lever for the launch of the GRS certified Re.Born fabric line, in which we offer wool or recycled wool / polyester fabrics.


3. The materials of the future have in sustainability a fundamental aspect. Is it also a concern for A Penteadora to develop products with a future?

Yes, sustainability is key. Companies are not dissociated from the social environment in which they operate and when they are fundamentally exporters, messages that arrive from all over the world must be properly analyzed and incorporated into the company's philosophy.

Penteadora's concerns with aspects related to sustainability, however, this is not a recent concern. Since the year 2000, we have a water treatment plant in operation, we have installed a UAG unit - unfortunately in Portugal, there are locations that are not yet served by the Natural Gas network, and very recently we have installed a Photovoltaic Power Unit - this investment was one of the most recent of the Paulo de Oliveira Group, where the three Production Units, namely Penteadora, Tessimax and Paulo de Oliveira are equipped with thousands of panels - and we carefully treat all the waste we produce, taking great care in its separation and classification.

The launch of the Re.Born line is therefore the product line that gives visibility to our concerns from the point of view of sustainability - environmental and social.

4. Penteadora is one of the main partners of Fibrenamics. What advantages do you find in this collaborative work?

The collaboration with Fibrenamics through the sharing of technical and scientific knowledge, brings to industry in general and Penteadora in particular enormous advantages, of which we enumerate the following:

  • Acceleration of scientific knowledge within the company;
  • Establishment of a sharing chain with other players that complement the projects;
  • help in the dissemination and technical and financial functioning of the project;
  • availability of technical articles / documents inherent to the project and easy to consult through its platform and other documents available on the same platform;
  • seeds for new ideas and new projects resulting from the sharing of knowledge and theoretical and practical experiences resulting from the partnership;
  • significant increase in scientific know-how from the national point of view and intrinsic valuation of the staff involved in the projects.

In short, many other aspects could be enunciated, but we would end with a fundamental aspect: credibility of the ideas and results presented, which is ensured by an always young, renewed and scientifically elevated Fibrenamics team with fantastic and internationally recognized results.


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