Fibrenamics is prepared to identify and analyze trends and present an accurate view of technological innovations.



Innovating is a challenging task. Whether in the design of new processes or new products, to bring something truly innovative to the market/society, it is necessary to be aware of the trends and developments that are emerging.

But the work of following these trends is also challenging, the greater the challenge the greater the potential and dynamism of innovation for the companies.

Technology Scouting) has become one of the main tools for Research & Development and Innovation (R & D + I), as a result of the high competitiveness of the market.

Fibrenamics, as an Association for cooperation and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge, is prepared to identify and analyze future trends and present an accurate view of technological innovations.

The Fibrenamics Intelligence unit is therefore an insight center to support innovation. As a result of the investment in trend mapping technology and the constant participation in international conferences and clusters, the Fibrenamics team of consultants is able to present technical and commercial content that will interest, inform and inspire business leaders.

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Technology Scouting

Insights and analysis of opportunities based on scientific and technological information

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Intelligence Reports

Sectoral studies and reports on ‘state of the art’ with a technical and commercial nature

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Technology Trend Mapping

Software for identification and trend mapping

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The Fibrenamics Intelligence unit is the starter for innovation.

Prof. Raul Fangueiro
Fibrenamics Coordinator


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