01 Oct 2022 - 01 Dec 2025 Technology

BlueBio Tech

Reindustrialization by blue bioeconomy, in the creation of new economic models, based on the use of marine bio-resources, according to principles of circularity, zero waste, inclusiveness, sustainability and decarbonization.

Summary - Download the technical datasheet (Note: Information is only available in Portuguese.)

The world needs a new business model capable of economic growth decoupling raw materials from natural resources. Thus the Blue Bioeconomy Pact has embraced the challenge of reindustrializing Portuguese industries with the integration of blue biotechnology solutions in the value chains, leveraging the sustainable use of marine bio-resources to increase added value through carbon neutral innovation. This Consortium will bring the Ocean to the shelves by investing in 7 sectors (Biomaterials applications; new paradigm for the production of shellfish; marine based textiles; sustainability in the food sector; scale-up of algae production; circular solutions in feed; bioinformatics for the Fisheries sector) and 3 comprehensive projects aimed at accelerating the development of the sector (the creation of a national network of biobanks; a digital platform for the valorization of marine by-products; and promoting the growth and internationalization of startups and SMEs).

Specific goals

  • Development of fibers from fishing nets waste;
  • Development of multi-scale additive fibers from algae;
  • Development of functional finishes from algae.

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