01 Jul 2016 - 30 Jun 2018 Technology

Fibrenamics Green

Development platform for innovative waste-based products

Fibrenamics Green - innovative product development platform based on waste is a sustainable innovation project that aims to incorporate and recover waste from various industries for the development of innovative products.

The Fibrenamics Green project, promoted by Fibrenamics - University of Minho in partnership with the Center for the Valorisation of Residues, has as its main mission the valorisation of residues as a source of value creation for product development through the incorporation of design, engineering and creativity, resulting from university-business involvement and synergies.

Fibrenamics Green intends to bring together in a common space the various players in the entire value chain of the waste generation and recovery process, enhancing the transfer of interdisciplinary and multisectoral knowledge, in the development of waste-based products, driven by scientific and technological knowledge.

The project promotes the involvement of all partners in the development of innovative products based on waste. On this network we can find transforming centers, transporters, creatives, distributors, among others. Partner companies and institutions are integrated into the value chain of the Fibrenamics Green waste generation and recovery process, according to their characteristics and values, from the production and processing of waste to the development of the innovative product, up to its production and distribution in the market.
The partner network is as diverse as the potential for waste recovery can be. Industrial waste producers, transforming centers, transporters, architectural, design and other creative industries, distributors, are some examples of the agents that integrate the platform.

- Green Think Thank
The project also introduces another novelty in the waste revitalization process: the Green Think Tank. A community that brings together professionals from various areas of the creative industries, through the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary contact.

- Dress Your Pans
Designer: Pedro Regadas
From the use of textile residues, Dress Your Pans was born, a set of protectors for metallic pans that protects, decorates and ennobles kitchen pans when taken to the table.
As a versatile and functional household product, Dress Your Pans, in addition to protecting against burns, keeps food warm by prolonging its availability for consumption.
The product was developed from Non-Woven Fabric and molded by compression and laser cutting.

- Facet Stool
Designer: Sónia Soeiro
Facet Stool is the perfect piece of furniture to sit another friend at the table. Its facets create light and shadow effects that give it three-dimensionality, making it a unique sculptural piece.
Designed to be produced from a single Wood Polymer Composite slab, Facet Stool rejects the use of molds making it an even more ecofriendly and sustainable piece even in its production.
The product was developed from mahogany wood waste and molded by compression and CNC machining.

- Junta
Designer: Ruben Costa
The Junta is a versatile product that allows various applications and measurements. Industrial and cosmopolitan in style, it is ideal for those concerned with the environmental impact of the furniture they have at home.
With great resistance, durability and easy fitting, this is the right piece for those looking for sobriety.
The product was developed from basalt mineral waste and molded by compression and CNC machining.

- Matteo Lamp
Designer: Bruno Ferreira
Matteo Lamp is a unique lighting solution that stands out for its ecological aspect, incorporating a mixture of plastic and wood waste in its construction, and for its signature design.
It differs from the standard table lamps that the market is used to being a piece that, in addition to being functional, is decorative and calls for simplicity. This is the perfect symbiosis for those who appreciate a sustainable and innovative lifestyle.
The product was developed from mahogany wood waste and electrical cable waste and was molded by compression.

- Zouri
Designers: António Barros and Adriana Mano
Zouri is a line of ecological footwear that takes advantage of plastic waste, as well as other natural materials to give you all the comfort you need.
Its exclusive anatomical shape together with an insole that follows the physiognomy of the foot, ensure greater comfort when walking.
Ideal for sea and mountain sports, or just to go to the beach, Zouri is a good bet for those who like to combine design with the environment.
The product was developed from waste electrical cables, waste ethyl vinyl-acetate (EVA) and cork and was molded by compression.

- Kort
Designer: Carlos Ribau
On one side plastic on the other fabric, KORT is the ideal product to create areas where children can play, learn and sleep safely.
In addition to working as a modular product that makes it possible to increase or decrease its area by joining or reducing parts, the two sides of the KORT allow you to create comfortable resting areas that absorb any impact and areas for manual work or feeding that are easily washable.
The product was developed from Non-Woven Fabric (TNT) and waste electrical cables and was molded by compression and CNC machining.

The project Fibrenamics Green - Platform for the Development of Products based on waste (Project nº NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000008) is co-funded by the European Union through FEDER - European Regional Development Fund, framed in Norte 2020 - Operational Program Northern Region 2014-2020.
Intervention region: North
Total eligible cost: € 552,856.83
EU financial support: € 469,928.31
Self-financing: € 82,928.52

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