01 Sep 2020 - 31 Aug 2022 Technology


Development of lighter wheelchairs, with physical and thermal comfort, for long-term users

In a world characterized by the increasing demand in several sectors of activity (quality, delivery times, standardization, product consistency, innovation, safety, among others), the health sector is subject to strong competitive pressures at national and international level, becoming extremely important the development of skills that allow differentiation in national and international markets with innovative and diversified solutions, in terms of product and service.

The project's main objective is the development of lighter wheelchairs, with physical and thermal comfort, for long-term users.
In the essence of FunCompChair, in addition to the reduction of component weight, the increase in the resistance / weight ratio of components and the development of customized materials, there are also internal processes of the company. It is the intention of the project to ensure that the company is able to guarantee the ability to customize to the needs of its users, in order to work with the management and distinguish itself from other market competitors in the supply of this type of products.

The main development concepts associated with the project include the design of multi-scale reinforced composite materials for structural components of wheelchairs and substrates of positioning systems, such as seat cushions, customized and adapted to the needs and physiognomic characteristics of its users.
This approach will enable Multiorthos to develop innovative products with a strong technological component, for the areas of health, sport, fashion and well-being.
Multiorthos is also able to produce value-added products, not being dependent on external partners to do so, and with this methodology, it is able to move up the value chain in the health and well-being sector, making the product developed into a reference product for internationalization.

The FunCompChair project is promoted by Multiorthos, Lda.


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