01 Sep 2017 - 31 Aug 2019 Technology


Development of a composite with gradient properties for door panel components for transport vehicles

With the circular economy in mind, the project involves the development of composites with gradients of properties for Automotive, Architecture and Defense components, where industrial process residues are valued.

The GradiERT project aims to develop a composite with a gradient of properties that is simultaneously used as a reinforcement and finishing / comfort element in door panel components for transport vehicles.

The project represents an innovation in terms of materials, since it will be possible to develop a single material with different mechanical behaviors, especially with regard to the modulus of elasticity, this being essential properties to develop a material with two distinct properties, resilience and stiffness. The development of different gradients of properties in a single continuous material is feasible when, on the one hand, the production process is altered, namely by controlling pressure and temperature, and, on the other hand, when fibrous materials are introduced in the pre- selected to increase or decrease stiffness. These two techniques when combined represent a significant innovation in terms of the development of the resulting materials. Thus, the composite with gradient properties is composed of a thermoplastic matrix and a fibrous reinforcement of natural origin.

Created from the (re) use of Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) residues from the footwear industry, GradiERT allows you to explore the potential of its application in new products thanks to the technological process of hot compression molding that was developed .
This technology, combined with the reuse of residues and well-established scientific knowledge, gave rise to innovative demonstrative models representative of its applicability in the three sectors:
Car: Good properties for use inside cars, with armrests developed to ensure comfort and design.
Defense: High impact damping capacity, ideal for application in paddings for helmets, providing comfort and breathability to the equipment.
Architecture: With the possibility of mold
ing, the material offers numerous possibilities also in architecture where it guarantees a range of applications in decorative coatings.

The GradiERT project was promoted by the company ERT Têxtil Portugal, S.A.



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