25 May 2017 - 25 Sep 2019 Technology


Fibrous panels for structural applications

The ISI_StructuralFibre project, promoted by the Isidoro group, aims to carry out research and development activities that allow obtaining the necessary knowledge to develop an innovative line of multilayer panels based on synthetic and / or natural fibrous materials that, through the technique of RTM or vacuum infusion, can develop several functions simultaneously:
● Use of residues, natural fibers and oriented structures;
● Use of agglomerated cork;
● Interactivity;
● Use of binders (natural or biodegradable).

The resulting product line will have the following main characteristics:
● Interactive functional layers, the same product being able to perform different functions,
● Lightness,
● Ease of application,
● Resistance (result of the engineering of fibrous materials).
The innovative transversal concept to be explored in the scope of ISI_StructuralFibre will be the combination of functional layers on the panel, depending on the technical requirements of its area of application: civil construction, more specifically in horizontal (slabs) and vertical (walls) structural applications.

The ISI_StructuralFibre Project (Project CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-011290) is promoted by ISIDOVIAS - INVESTIMENTOS LDA.



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