01 Oct 2020 - 30 Jun 2023 Technology


Lighting and Heating Systems for Automotive - Multifunctional products for automotive components in a thermoplastic matrix with lighting and heating capabilities through the functionalization of surfaces or integration of fibrous materials

The LH4Auto project aims to foster the development of innovative multifunctional products in a thermoplastic matrix with lighting and heating capabilities for application in automotive components. The design approach is supported by new technologies for the functionalization of polymeric substrates with lighting capacity through multi-layer deposition coating and new production technologies for the functionalization of components by the integration of fibrous materials with the ability to conduct energy.

The project aims to develop technical-scientific skills and knowledge in functional coatings and multifunctional composite materials to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market and that respond to innovation trends in the automotive sector, such as reducing weight / volume of products. components, the development of multifunctional materials and customized materials and the sustained optimization of industrial productivity.

The LH4Auto should result in innovative products for the automotive sector, specifically functionalized parts for application inside or outside the vehicles, especially the pillars, the door panels, or the instrument panel. It is also intended that this project, through the proposed innovation and its technological advantages, triggers a drag effect of technology for different industries, be it mobility, which includes heavy vehicles, aeronautics, naval, railway interiors, among others, but also other areas such as interior architecture, houseware and medical devices, allowing to diversify the range of applications.

The LH4Auto project is a consortium made up of two companies, Simoldes Plásticos and Peugeot Citroen Automóveis de Portugal (PSA MG) and the University of Minho.

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