01 Sep 2017 - 31 Aug 2019 Technology


Development of advanced composites for urban furniture with interactivity, durability and design characteristics

Consumers are increasingly demanding, favoring solutions that integrate lighting into light elements with increasingly bold geometric shapes. Thus, the need arose to develop a material that would allow to effectively respond to these requirements, enabling the ability to emit light in elements of unlimited geometry. Current systems do not allow it because lighting systems do not have this flexibility.

Development of advanced interactive polymeric composites for urban furniture solutions, with characteristics of interactivity, durability and design.

The LightColorComposite project aims to present a new generation of advanced composites capable of interacting with the urban environment in which they are used, applying an innovative Day & Night concept. To respond to this concept, the materials to be incorporated have unique characteristics of mutability due to various inputs from the outside (UV, humidity, pressure, etc.), constituting a true new generation of composites with responsive capacity, without neglecting their durability and geometry appealing. In this way, these composite materials will have the ability to change color from day to night (absence of sunlight), and, in addition, they will also have the ability to emit light in the absence of it. The project also explores the same effect due to the action of temperature.

From the technological development work carried out, advanced composites were born with interactivity characteristics, greater durability and contemporary design.
With LightColorComposite the company can now create great differentiating structures for the urban furniture sector.
The project also unfolded in new applications also for domestic use and on new surfaces, with the development of a composite material that could be used during the day and enhanced during the night. For this purpose, functionalities were introduced for the color change and also for the ability of these materials to shine in the absence of light, with a new dynamic and different colors.
LightColorComposite allows even better use of LED lighting, no longer being
associated with the structure at certain points and starting to be embedded in thematerial - the so-called continuous lighting.

The LightColorComposite project is promoted by the company Castros - Illuminations Festivas.



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