01 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2019 Technology


Research and Development Center for textile products for personal protection.

NIDPROTECH - Nucleus for Research and Development in Textile Products for Personal Protection emerged from the constant need for innovation and improvements in R&D products for the defense and personal protection sector.

As a result of the partnership between Fibrenamics, Latino Group and 2C2T - Center for Science and Textile Technology, the project focused on the needs of professionals subject to different levels of risk for three years, especially of a mechanical nature such as cutting, punching, drilling and ballistics, with the aim of reinforcing the knowledge in these areas and the skills of the teams involved.
With results orientated on risk monitoring and mitigation, NIDPROTECH focused on Smart Wereables Systems or smart clothing systems, which brings together materials imbued with the ability to identify risks and adapt to them, providing greater protection to users.

The Center promoted advances in several areas, identifying opportunities for advanced development in areas such as protection against high-speed impacts through the use of high-performance synthetic fibers; protection against low speed impact with three-dimensional spacer features; and the barrier and barrier-active effect with the use of nonwovens.
For the health sector, advances were identified in the use of microelectronics embedded in clothing to promote real-time monitoring of users.
The investigation also pointed to issues such as active comfort, with the adaptation of the material to climatic and usage conditions, generating greater comfort for the user, and to the theme of sustainability, where advances in the development of garments with notions of eco- design and use of raw materials from recycling, reusing surpluses.
NIDPROTECH now advances to a new phase with the structuring of R&D projects resulting from the research work of the nucleus, having already been submitted applications for community funds.

This project is a partnership between Fibrenamics, Latino Group and 2C2T - Center for Science and Textile Technology



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