01 Sep 2020 - 31 Aug 2022 Technology


Creation of a platform for the valorization of waste originating in the civil construction sector

Taking advantage of the characteristic ecosystem of the Azores region, Rebuild17 aims to create a platform that promotes the articulation of different entities involved in the recovery of waste in order to form value chains.

The project aims to create a platform that promotes the articulation of different entities involved in the recovery of waste, in the sense of forming value chains, but also to improve cooperation between the various stakeholders in the construction sector; promote the concept of circular economy and reincorporation of waste in construction products; and investing in the development of the waste valorization market.

Rebuild17 is based on the study and in-depth characterization of the waste produced in the region of the Azores and on an experimental evaluation of the potential for reusing this waste in new construction products. The intention of the project is to determine the characteristics of several alternatives of materials that incorporate them and the development of marketable solutions, through a contest of ideas.
All with the intention of attracting stakeholders inside and outside the Autonomous Region of the Azores that ensure the future of the platform.

The Rebuild17 project is promoted by the consortium between the entities LREC (Regional Laboratory for Civil Engineering) and CIMPA (Center for Innovation in Advanced Materials and Products, Lda.).

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