01 Sep 2014 - 30 Jun 2015 Technology


Development of multifunctional home textiles for children and youth.

This R&D project, sponsored by LASA in partnership with Fibrenamics - University of Minho, called “Development of multifunctional home textiles for children and youth” aimed to carry out research and development activities that enable the development of a line of home textiles incorporating advanced technology to be used in the children bedroom, using a set of innovative technologies, and integrating 3 components: functionality, interactivity, and comfort.

Its intended to incorporate on this line of home textiles the following products that are divided into two major groups which combine and interact between them:
● Interactive products with the environment and/or the user
● high comfort products.

The project led to the development of three prototypes, taking into consideration the three concepts covered in the project, which are interactivity, thermal insulation and sensing through a fluid sensor.
A duvet with multiple areas of interactivity was developed, which included several features such as sound, light, thermo-chromic pigments, and fun games. It was also set up a changing mat on one of the sides that possessed a measuring ruler through a light for the baby.
Liquid sensor:
One cover sheet with the liquid detection capability was developed. The structure used was a triple fabric, in which was introduced conductive yarns that when associated with an electronic system, trigger an alarm transmitted by Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet indicating that there is the need to change the sheet.
Thermal insulation:
A study was conducted on the different fibrous materials that could meet the needs of thermal control to give a better thermal comfort and reduce the thickness.

The SMART-BED project (NSRF Project No. 2014/38420), developed by Lasa, (Portugal), is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).



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