Conductive Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) Composite Filled with Waste Iron Filings

Authors: Battistelli, D; Ferreira, D; Costa, S; Santulli, C; Fangueiro, R
Date: 01 Jun 2020
Scientific Journal "Emerging Science Journal 4(3):136-147"


Immobilization of papain enzyme on a hybrid support containing zinc oxide nanoparticles and chitosan for clinical applications

Authors: Soares, A; Gonçalves, L; Ferreira, R; Souza, J; Fangueiro, R; Alves, M; Carvalho, F; Mendes, A; Cantanhêde, W
Date: 26 May 2020
Scientific Journal "Carbohydrate Polymers Volume 243, 1 September 2020"


Eco-Design of Multifunctional System Based on a Shape Memory Polymer and ZnO Nanoparticles for Sportswear

Authors: Boticas, I; Ferreira, D; Eusébio, A; Silva, C; Magalhães, P; Silva, R; Fangueiro, R
Date: 02 May 2020
Scientific Journal "Journal of Materials and Textile Engineering Vol:14, No:6, 2020"


Mechanical behavior of ropes based on polypropylene (PP) and poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) multifilament yarns for Achiles tendon partial substitution

Authors: Morais, D. S.; Cruz, J.; Fangueiro, R.; Lopes, H.; Guedes, R. M.; Lopes, M. A.
Date: 01 Mar 2020
Scientific Journal “Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials”


The influence of textile materials on flame resistance ratings of professional uniforms

Authors: Silva-Santos M. C.; Peixoto J. J.; Fangueiro R.; Gasi F.; Baruque-Ramos J.
Date: 01 Nov 2019
Cientific jornal “SN Applied Sciences”


Homewear in Brazil: Evolution from 1976 to present

Authors: Laktim M. C.; Engler R. C.; Fangueiro R.; Peixoto J. J.; Borelli C.; Baruque-Ramos J.
Date: 01 Oct 2019
Cientific journal “SN Applied Sciences”


Superhydrophobic cotton fabrics based on Zno nanoparticles functionalization

Authors: Boticas, I.; Dias, D.; Ferreira, D.; Magalhães, R.; Silva, R.; Fangueiro, R.
Date: 01 Oct 2019
Revista Científica “SN Applied Sciences”


Recycling of biomass and coal fly ash as cement replacement material and its effect on hydration and carbonation of concrete

Authors: Teixeira E.R.; Camões, A.; Branco, F.G.; Aguiar, J.B.; Fangueiro R.
Date: 01 Jul 2019
Waste Management, Eselvier, Vol. 94, pp.39-48


Multifunctional fibrous structures based on graphene nanoplatelets, chitosan and natural fibres

Authors: Ferreira, D.; Pereira, P.; Fangueiro, R.
Date: 11 Jun 2019
Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference-Autex 2019


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